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Friday, 10 May 2013

Maximising Your Dealer Channel Sales: 5 Simple Steps

Organising Your Dealer Channel Options

  1. Business hours are evolving, so provide individual web accounts for your Dealers. This will allow them to order & restock your products according to their specific price plan, whenever they need to.
  2. Increase Dealer confidence with accurate buy-prices. Flexible online price listing & discounting options present you with the ability to automatically keep Dealers informed of price changes.
  3. Improve control over your Channel Sales model. Tiered account privileges keep every level of your business connected. From local shops to regional distributors, then all the way back to you.
  4. Oversee your Business at all levels. Enterprise-level Content management frees you to classify your products & content in the way that you want them presented to end-customers.
  5. Ensure the best experience for your Dealers & Customers by using analytical tools. Site Analytics give you understanding of where your business is & isn't working in the online market, so you can adapt. 


  1. If you are going to have a sale on your product soon, tell your customers about it. They will be happy to hear about it, and it will build trust with them. They may even buy more because of it.

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